We appreciate it when our clients recognize our work on their behalf. Some of the unscripted feedback we’ve received:


Ian and his team were a great comfort to me when my husband passed away suddenly. The care and planning that Ian provided to my husband ensured seamless continuity as I faced many financial challenges as a result of his death. Ian provided information rapidly and followed through with insurance companies.

– Karen from Mississauga


I have been dealing with the Johnson Financial Group for nearly 15 years for a breadth of financial products for both business and personal needs, including Group, Life & Disability Insurance, as well as Critical Illness coverage. Navigating through the vast world of insurance options can be daunting and complicated, however, Ian and his exceptional team always provide me with timely, affordable and relevant options to consider, and to simplify the process as much as possible. Through my experience in pursuing financial services, I have never dealt with a company who exemplifies professionalism and integrity, in every transaction, as much as Ian and his associates do.”

– Dave Ponzo, President, BOXPACT


Denso North America Inc. has used the services of Johnson  Financial Group Inc. for more than 25 years.

Ian and his staff have done an outstanding job of monitoring our benefits package and pension plan. They constantly review and compare our plans in order to maximize our benefits package and always keep us informed on updates and new material. We would highly recommend Johnson Financial Group Inc. as a provider of financial services.”

– Joel R. Pepin, Director, Denso North America Inc.


I have had the pleasure of working with Ian and his team for over 25 years.  I first started dealing with Ian on the personal side to provide guidance  in the areas of life insurance and RRSP’s.  Later I started a company and as it grew, I came to rely on them for leadership with corporate products such as group benefits and corporate insurance.  The level of professionalism and attention to detail that they bring to both sides of my needs has always left me confident and secure in the knowledge that I made the right choice to partner with the Johnson Financial Group over all these years.”

– Steven MacKinnon, President and Media Specialist, MacKinnon Calderwood Advertising


I have been a client of Johnson Financial for the last 8 years. They provide me with retirement and estate planning services. I have always found their advice compelling and well-thought out. The customer service is outstanding and any reasonable request is handled professionally. I would have no hesitation in recommending their  services and have done so in the past.”

– Bill Chick, Pharamaceutical Industry Executive

Many thanks to Johnson Financial Group and I appreciate the extra step taken, rare in today’s world!”

– Diane Motley-Baily, Airstream Travel


Just a short note to say thank you for all your help and assistance in resolving my issues with [our claim]. The way you went out of your way to help me is much appreciated. It is a pleasure to work with Johnson Financial Group.”

– Alan Belitzky, Jenlea Inc.


We are a very small firm (2 owners, 4 employees) and we feel having the Chambers plan in place allows us to attract good employees and keep them. Our employees love the plan and are very complimentary about the benefits we are able to provide for them and their families. The administration of the plan is excellent – reimbursements are provided quickly and the staff [at Johnson Financial Group Inc.] is friendly, efficient and go out of their way to assist us.”

I should tell you that I recently had a phone call from one of your competitors looking to speak to me about our employee benefits program.  He was so sure he had a great deal for me if I would only give him a chance to pitch it.  I stopped him and said I wanted to ask him one question before he continued.  I asked him if the premiums for his plan were based on the usage of the plan; in other words, would my premiums be subject to increases based on how much our employees used the plan.  I told him the reason this was important to me was that the plan we currently had did NOT increase premiums based on usage but offered a reasonable, manageable increase every year.


He stammered a bit and admitted that he could not in fact compete with such a plan and then asked me if I would mind telling him which plan we used (I suspect he thought I was making it up).  That was the end of that sales pitch!


I should add that an added advantage to our plan with Chambers through JFG is the personal service we receive.  I always know who to turn to when I need help or guidance and if I’m not sure, someone is always willing to point me in the right direction.  Nobody at JFC has ever said “that’s not my job” or made me feel like I’m bothering them.  As an added bonus, during our annual review this year in April, Jason was able to suggest an alternative plan to us that gave us a price break because some of our employees do not have children.  It has saved us quite a bit of money every month, and who doesn’t appreciate that?

– Colleen Milloy, Thoroughbred Power Systems Inc.


Our company has been part of the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan since 2007 and have received excellent service from day one. All of the staff at Johnson Financial Group have always gone above and beyond to assist us with whatever we have needed. They have been especially helpful with the recent loss of my husband and walked me through all the necessary steps I needed to take to deal with this terrible loss. I can honestly say that I would have been lost without their help and expertise. I would highly recommend Johnson Financial Group to anyone. The value is worth far more than the cost.”

– Holly Martin, Willy’s Auto Trim Shop