Virtual teams, remote offices and travelling staff makes staying on top of projects and priorities challenging, especially when you’re a growing business. A plethora of tools and apps are available to the Small Business owner depending on the need and the size of the team. We’ve put together five of our favourite foundational tools that help support day-to-day business operations and communications. We think you’ll like them too!

Grammarly – A desktop-based tool that will perform a variety of editing tasks on your emails or other communications documents. It’s top features are to search and find grammar errors, spot signs of plagiarism, recommend changes and highlight contextual spelling errors. Perfect for ensuring your first e-impression is a good one!

Evernote – A web-based tool that allows you to collect screenshots from the web, upload files, create notes and journals, share ideas and organize them with tags and categories.

Dropbox – An online file management tool and storage service with enhanced features to share and protect your content. Some use as a back up for their computer files and photos.
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Last Pass – Ever been locked out of a system because you forgot your password? Last Pass is a place to host all your passwords while only memorizing ONE password. And, it has functionality to add team members to it without revealing passwords.

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